A day in the life

Being self employed has its challenges at times.  You work odd hours, late hours,  you work all the time or have extreme periods of unproductive and/or laziness. You really have to exert some self discipline.

I try and stick to a schedule but I am battling burn out – so I have to mix it up a little.  I am working/painting more from home.

Sunday is my Day off where I try and do something fun, outdoorsy or just act like a couch potato.  I do not work or do anything around the house.  My day.

I say Monday is a day off but not really. It is a day off from painting/creating.  I do not like to go to the gallery on Mondays, but I do work on the  art business side of things.  I stay at home and work a lot on the computer. Do house work.   Today I have been going through new digital photos of work and editing/cropping.  My eyes are crossing.   I have been packaging up some shipments as well (gosh I use so much tape!) I also framed three paintings/prints.  Monday is also a good website updating day.  In addition to all that, I had been entering/emailing/mailing applications to juried art shows. Many of which, the deadline being today – so I had to scramble with image selections. I always have an updated curriculum vitae, and artist statement – so those are easy to just print out at a moments notice. So I always say Monday is my day off but really it is not. I have been working all day.

The only reason I got out of my lounge-wear (aka pajamas) today is because I had to go to the post office.

Then it was already time to make dinner.

It is nice that I have some art supplies at home now and a good place to work because I have a deadline coming up and it is a pain to go downtown at night like I use to for years.  I can just watch TV in my pajamas and work.

So now I just sit and wait to see if I got accepted to these shows.



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2 responses to “A day in the life

  1. Hi Casey,
    It was nice to talk to you again at your studio on Saturday. Your blog is interesting. Since I have always secretly dreamed of being a full time “professional” artist, it is informative to see your daily struggles. I hope you make it into those shows!! Your work is rich and lively.

  2. Oh, by the way, it would be really nice to see some of your works or works in progress on the blog as well!!

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