A nice surprise

Glass Pendant by Karen Hardie

Glass Pendant by Karen Hardie

I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me in my studio when I got to work today.

I may have told you a few months ago I helped out my friend and fellow artist, Wyanne,  with a series of art technique videos/classes – well Karen Hardie is/was one of her students who was very inspired by my art and the things I shared during my creative segments.  She created a special glass piece just for me inspired my my work – or her interpretation of my work.  Isn’t that swell?  It is such a pleasure to view first hand how you/one/I can inspire a fellow artist – especially one who works in a very different medium.

This is a prime example of how people perceive you differently.  How differently we perceive ourselves. Every once in awhile I get a wild hair and think about teaching. Teaching art – to adults. Not kids. Scary.  But then I tell myself  “What on earth do I possibly know that is of interest, and not common knowledge?” I am certainly not unique nor have I invented anything.  Sure I have discovered things by accident  – but soon find out it is nothing new.  Sometimes I look around at other art teachers “out there” and wonder what in the hell they are doing – they are barely even artists themselves – and they seem to have more confidence than sense to actually be teaching.  Maybe people don’t care.  Maybe I could do it but I am just not confident enough? I barely even know what I am doing half the time to teach – to articulate – how I do what I do.

Well, This experience has been such an eye opener.  I have had dozens and dozens of Wyanne’s students email me, thanking me for teaching/sharing my artist existence – to remember that there are tons of other artists out there – all different levels who have never gone to school or had the luxury of working in the presence of other artists – and are dying to learn fr0m you.  To drink up everything you have to offer.  The internet is amazing that it can reach people that way – people all over the world.

If there is someone in your life that has inspired you in any way, don’t hesitate to thank them. Don’t ever underestimate the value of a compliment, praise, or a simple “Thank You” – and even if you personally don’t take compliments very well – don’t assume that other s are like you or that they should be like you.  You should tell those around you how you feel about them – how you love them, how proud of them you are, how they have inspired you.

I have a good friend (who is a smart, successful, generous person) who’s father recently passed away and he (the Dad) NEVER told the son how proud of him he was, he never thanked him for  all the nice things he had done for him, given him, and NEVER told him he loved him.  Isn’t that weird?  He was the sort of man that shunned compliments and thought them completely unnecessary to give or receive.  Perhaps thought the world owed him something?  Too bad. Oh well.  He is gone. He dead.


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