The Art of Decorating: Art that Matches the Sofa (who cares)

My Dad just bought a house in an established neighborhood in San Antonio and is completely remodeling it – new tile, carpet, paint, landscaping, furniture (eventually).  So I am trying to help him decorate and pick out furniture/fixtures.  I shipped him about 14 paintings with a darker/neutral/red /moody feel to them. I think his scheme is Southwestern – lots of clay, cream, putty, and sand colors, with splashes of pumpkin/terracotta.  Kilim rugs, and kilim pillows.  Think Pottery Barn circa 1998, which is being revisited a little now.  Lots of texture and warmth.  Kind of what my old house looked like.  The house is so open – I think he will be very happy there.  Anyway, I hope he likes the paintings.  Some were really large. Also some older work I had that I was anxious to get rid of but would never paint over. I hate having things linger around too long.

One of my most favorite things in the world is to decorate/redecorate. I know it is not the most mentally challenging “hobby.”  But at least I have one (believe it or not, some people don’t.)  It would be fun to work for someone with unlimited funds, and travel was included.  I am currently redecorating/rearranging a few rooms in my house right now as well. After we took down the Christmas decorations and all of a sudden it looked so naked.  We also had a death in our house recently – and I am inspired to start anew – and sage/cleanse the place.

Unfortunately, there is a huge permanent red stain on the carpet now in which the *#@% Christmas tree caused (leaky stand or something). And I am pricing rugs to hide the stain until I can afford my bamboo floors – So I guess that is where my creative energy has been going lately. I might just paint the spot. Heck that would be better than the glaring red stain there is now.

Anyway, I could have been a decorator. As long as I can remember I was always wanting things to look nice.  even with cooking. I would even get on to my mother about serving up some 1970’s casserole in an ordinary pyrex dish.  “Presentation is everything.  How can you expect me (any child) to eat something that looks like slop/gruel?”

For the exception of Absolute Fabrics (aka – the most fly place on the island) – most of  the local (Fernandina/Amelia Island) decorators are either extremely conservative, ultra formal, and traditional – or lighthouse, dolphin beachy. Not to mention have an aversion to abstract/contemporary art. Needless to say, they are not throwing too much business my way.  I thought people were supposed to be colorful funky, crazy once they moved to the beach. I live in a strange area (for lack of a better word.)

Only about 5-10% of my annual sales are made to local residents.  Very conservative – in all aspects.  Even more so than any place I have ever lived in, including Alabama, and Georgia.

Anyway, I am ready to get back to work.  I have a few other spots in Dad’s house that need some things – and I just feel the excitement of creating again.



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2 responses to “The Art of Decorating: Art that Matches the Sofa (who cares)

  1. lee

    I love those colours….your painting is amazing. Maybe Island people save there money…

    • Casey Matthews

      I wish that were the answer. But the fact of the matter is that for the most part, my Amelia Island peeps just really don’t care for my art. It is OK – just not my audience.

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