The beginning of the New Year

I have been a recluse lately.  Off to a slow start.  Cooking a bunch of new foods – mostly Tuscan inspired.  Getting fat fatter.  Nesting.  Watching the entire series of OZ. Not working nearly as much as I need to. The dog has become waaaay too attached to me and just loves having me home.
I had an old artist friend come in my studio the other night (First Friday).  I did not realize how long it had been since I had seen him – at least around my work, to talk about it. Perhaps a year or two?

Anyway, he was gushing. And this man is not really one to give out fake compliments. He told me my color palette had changed (I don’t see it) and it looks like I am moving in another direction (I don‘t see that either). He said I was “Flourishing.”  He also commented about how happy my work appears and it must be derivative  of my life.  The old saying goes:  Art imitates life.  I also had three other people tell me how good/glowing/happy/beautiful I looked that night.  I guess I am happy. I mean I know I am – but it has been an especially hard time these past few months – for many reasons.  Hopefully I have allowed myself to get out of my funk and more forward.
I have sort of been down on people in general lately because my car was broken into in front of my house – and I live in what most would consider a nice quiet neighborhood.  I was such a dumb @$$ for not locking my doors in the first place – but still.  And this is the SECOND time it has happened.  I got my ipod stolen about 2-3 years ago. You think I would have learned my lesson. Doofus!


Well, I sent off work to the NYU Small Works Show.  I got in last year and was thrilled.  Both my paintings sold as well.  Last year I only sent two (for some reason) – this year I sent three (the limit).  I also entered New American Paintings.  I mulled over which four paintings to show them (slides) – and think I chose too hastily in the end. Well see.  I just don’t think my work (in general) is as cutting edge or contemporary as they normally select. I guess I am too busy creating work to match your sofa and put food on the table.  Maybe some day though.  I just wanted to enter (again). One of my goals.  Good to start the year off by accomplishing some goals

I have just been in the biggest funk lately.   I need some inspiration to jump-start my creative juices for the new year.


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