Happy Holidays!

Joy (2008)

Almost as soon as we finished our turkey dinner, we tossed all the pumpkins and gourds in the creek – and dug out the Christmas Wreaths to hang on the door. I think we are even going to get our tree Saturday or Sunday. I love decorating for Christmas.  Last year I really enjoyed the Holidays because for the first time I was able to establish some traditions of my own and spent it with someone as enthusiastic and creative about decorating as I am. (Thanks Honey!)  Last year, Kmart (Martha Stewart,) and Target went all out in the ornament/decor department – it was hard NOT to be inspired.  Hope it is the same this year.  My theme is “Woodland-Chic,” with a hint of funk (I am an artist you know). I’ll post some photos as the project is completed.

This year is extra special because we are having visitors throughout December – including my brother, Carter, that is coming home from Iraq!  I am very excited.  As much as I will miss spending Christmas with my parents and Grandmother (I will go home in January), I am looking forward to not having to travel and having my first Christmas in my own home. There is something very peaceful about that. Usually it is trying to fit the most people in in the shortest amount of time, board the pet(s), pay for airport parking, make the flight(s), or drive 2000 miles round trip, on top of buying or making gifts – and it still is not good enough!  It will be nice to stay put for once, and enjoy my house and tree for a FULL month!  Yea!


Well, I did it.  I finally launched my Etsy site.  For now I just have Holiday related goods:  Cards, and Limited Edition Reproductions.  These are only available directly from me – either from my studio, or Etsy site. Check it out!



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