Year End

Nothing like the end of the year to help put things in perspective.  Take inventory; making sure I cram all my goals in – or at least make an honest attempt – Both professional and personal. To put myself in check: Make sure I am aware, and living intentionally. To realize who I am through action, and live according to the principals I hold true.

Each of us literally chooses,

by way of attending to things,

what sort of universe

he shall appear himself to inhabit.

-William James

I would hate to be at the end of my life reflecting upon a life of bitterness – an unappreciative, unfulfilled person, leading a miserable existence.  To realize that I was incapable of ever really loving anyone or even being loved.  To know that I wasted so much time, squandered too many opportunities, and harbored years of angry energy and resentment – and for what? That I could never find the positive in any situation. I am misguided and unfair.  To think/know that I was a self deprecating failure.  That out of sheer amusement I enjoyed making frivolous, fictitious statements about people – paying no mind to the harmful legacy I was leaving behind. That I was unable to forgive. To take joy in others pain.  Never able to ever find the words “I’m Sorry” or “Thank You”.  To wake up only to find another lonely decade had passed – and I never even noticed.  And repeatedly felt the need to judge, and ridicule others just because it is more comforting and amusing than looking inward at my own pathetic, inane existence.

All of that mentioned above – I strive to be the opposite of all that.  It is one thing to wait until the end of the day, the end of the week, the 11th hour, Month 11 (November) to cram in all the things I had been meaning to do – but surely I can get it all in by the end of my life.   I want to make good use of everyday.  Make every moment count.

Tomorrow is a new day. Another opportunity to turn your life around in the direction it needs to be going.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to ponder and express what you are truly thankful for:  I am thankful for my talent & imagination, my wonderful friends, my family, and my honey. I am thankful that I am able to fine some sort of decency in every situation and every person- even when they don’t deserve it.  I am thankful for the miracle of each day, the azure color of the sky, and skeleton of a leaf. I am thankful that I am generally a happy person.  I am thankful that I am an American.

I am the driver in my own life, I will not be run off the road, or rear-ended. I will not blame accidents on other people. I will decide the path I want to take, and chose an adventure full of love and possibilities. I won’t live a life full of regret.

So Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year to you.  Go fourth and prosper.

I got to hurry and finish illustrating that book!

I don’t want to get to the end of my life

and find that I just lived the length of it.

I want to have lived the width of it as well

– Diane Ackerman


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