mediocre art

It is 11-11…………make a wish.

I am frustrated with 1-2 of my pieces right now.  I have about 10-10×10’s going on or completed for the exception of two of them that are giving me fits. I think I just need to walk away for a little bit.

I read or heard once that “Only a mediocre artist is always at their best – a good artist is allowed to have a few stinkers here and there”. (that quote is in my words but get the point)

Well I think I have found those stinkers.

People always ask me how I know something is through.  There is no good answer for that.  I just kind of know.  And something can be hanging on the wall for sale I previously thought was done, and I can go over to it and start reworking it/working on it even a year later.

I threw away several paintings the other night.  They were old and not even worth the canvas they were on or even worth the time and effort to gesso over them.  I was cleaning out my garage (which is where most the crap from my downtown studio is sort of resting).  As soon as I did it I regret it.  Someone went digging through our trash in the wee hours of the night.  A small table with paint all over it was missing from the curb too!  I am horrified to know that a sub-par piece of art is out there – because all my work has my name written in bold sharpie on the back of them.

“Never leave a mediocre painting; it is better to take a chance with it” -Guy Corriero

“Normal is not something to aspire to – it is something to run away from” – Jody Foster


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  1. “Can’t polish a turd”, is the quote that comes to mind. Regret and mourning over the loss, even if it is a turd, is a natural process.

    However, burning is the best way to destroy a piece of work that has no business existing. Artists are constantly editing. That’s are business. We are Aesthetes. It is our mission to control these matters!

    I stopped by your studio today. Really loved the work. Lots of passionate searching and finding.

    I was the lady that ranted on about Encaustic and Mattera.

    Pleasure to meet you.

    Jill Brougher

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