I need an assistant

Well I am back from my art show in Alabama and I am completely unmotivated to unpack and rehang my gallery.  Because it is much more than that, and I am feeling overwhelmed:  I have to finish cleaning up my studio and get ready for my new studio mate to move in.  And in order to bring more things home, I have to have space in my home studio/office to bring the stuff (crap), and currently that room looks like it met the demise of a tornado.  Also, everything is completely off the walls right now (downtown studio,) and I need to patch and paint both my room and the hall which looks like a rat has been chewing on the walls – there are so many holes.  Then there are all the photos of the brand new work I need to post on my website.  So you can see why I am dragging my feet.  (I started this post 24 hours ago and am just now finishing it.)  I am also completely re-configuring the space because I have so many new paintings.  I really liked how I had it arranged in my booth at Kentuck – so I might try and replicate that if I can.  It looked very colorful and cohesive – which is odd because before I left, I hated all my art and thought it looked tired and like three different people painted it (meaning it looked like I had too many diverse “styles”) – but sometimes you are just too close to the source and you need to see things in a different light in order to appreciate it.

It was nice to be surrounded by new artists this past weekend.  Artists that were extremely talented and prolific.  I got some very good feedback (compliments).  I had a former painting professor from Alabama come up to me and tell me my work was “juicy” and “absolutely wonderful”.  That I know of, he had no idea who I was, and I was hesitant about “refreshing his memory” since I did not have a good experience with him my final year in school. I guess since I live and work in a vacuum (small town) I don’t have very many professional peers.  I am not in very many galleries anymore (many have gone out of business the last two years) so I don’t know many of my contemporaries anymore.  I feel out of the loop and need to change that. However that being said – At times I am thankful for living in my hole.  Some art/artists begin to look all the same.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it all (most of it) but I was starting to see too many trends, and it started to feel like it was an insincere product, instead of “art”.  In this day and age, everything has been done and it is hard to carve a “unique” name for yourself.  Many artists can’t help but be “influenced” by one another. But I am sure nobody wants to be known as “trendy” do they?

(Unfortunately) The show itself was not that great (sales wise).  It was poorly attended despite the quality of artists and fabulous weather.  I guess it is because of the flailing economy and no urgency to redecorate or buy art.  I am thankful that even though I am not selling very well from my studio or fine art festivals I am doing alright in other venues.  I have also begun to illustrate a children’s book (finally). We’ll see how that goes.

I can’t wait for this election to be over with to find out who our new president is.  At least there will be hope for the economy.



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2 responses to “I need an assistant

  1. jane

    I’ve just seen your work on Wyanne’s art play site.
    I love your work. I have been painting realistically for 15 years and I’m so tired of it. Your work is brave and interesting. Do you remember your first abstract or non-representational work. What inspired you.

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