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There is a strange power in reading something twice. That is why I don’t like to do it very often (I also don’t like to be reminded how badly I spell, even with “spell-check.”) Like reading through past morning pages or journal entries.  Like sharing your private intuitive paintings/sketches with a friend.

My recent challenge has been to make my abstract paintings more believable; elude to a world outside of the canvas, instead of being so self-contained.  I am trying to create work that is about more than satisfying a sense of aesthetics alone. A painting can be like a mirror to the world and the viewer alike when their meanings exist open ended and non binding. For me, momentum is integrally fused with moments of intuition; letting go leads to deeper meaning. Attack a canvas. Defend an idea. That said, no two people see the world through the same eyes. I am slowly learning this.  Embrace difference. An abstracted painting or drawing can be an opportunity to re-decide, to re-read to go beyond initial interpretation and delve into your OWN imagination. We all have a need to loose track of time.


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