The Stars at Night are Big and Bright (clap, clap….)

It has been awhile since I posted.  I have been really busy.

Late last night I was walking Stella (the dog) and was able to see a beautiful clear sky loaded with celestial life.  It took my breath away.  If I had actually shown up to Astronomy class/paid attention I might have been able to pick out a few more constellations – aside from the usual “big dipper” and “little dipper”. I also got to see the sunrise this morning.  Now that the sun is coming up almost an hour later, it is a little easier for me to get out of bed and head on over to the beach. I wish I had thought to bring a camera to capture the billowy cloud formations.

My point being:  I live in a such a beautiful and peaceful place.

At first glace, you might not think I am inspired by nature in my work.  But really inspiration goes much further than just the literal visual interpretation. I think the outdoor/ocean air helps to clear my head, keeps me grounded and helps me to remember I am such a small blip of life in this grand world – no matter how large I think my problems become, or how important my situations are. Digging in the dirt, and cultivating life from seed is empowering.  Nature helps me to consciously experience and regulate the energy around me. All that being said – I really need to get out more, MORE that the weather is so amazing at the moment.  I have wheat, corn garland, and squash guards (decoration) out now, and we are going to pick out pumpkins for our front porch later today – so I am officially ushering in fall, even though it is still 80 some-odd degrees.

I can’t decide what I want to be for Halloween yet.  It is a toss-up between a rich and famous artist, or Davy Crockett.  Speaking of Halloween, I just remembered that last Halloween my friend Darby and I ate so much cheap candy and we got sick as dogs.


I have been pretty good lately about accomplishing several items on my long term to-do list. In between re-grouting/sealing/re-caulking the shower, paying bills, running errands, organizing/purging my studios, I still managed to finish a small painting yesterday. So I feel pretty OK about that.  I need to package up art prints for people that said they wanted them.


I am getting nervous about my upcoming art show.  I have one more week to get ready and I just saw the artist list last night – So I am feeling a little inadequate at the moment.   There are a ton of new artists this year.  They must have had a new/fresh jury.  Really good quality to be surrounded by.

Starting tomorrow I am putting a curtain on my studio door, and closing my studio to the public for two whole weeks.  Yes, folks.  So if you are in a mad rush to fulfill your art purchasing needs you better do so before 5 o’clock today!  I have to really buckle down for this show and don’t want the retail distractions, no matter how few and far between they have become lately. Then I am taking down my entire studio and going on the road.  Tuscaloosa, Alabama, then Atlanta to drop off some work on the way home.  I am also getting ready for Wyanne to move in (my studio with me) and don’t want to have to worry about having everything retail “immaculate ” (ready) when I just really want to take everything off the walls, pack, and move (make a mess). Not worry about looking nice or talk to people – pretend I am not shy, outgoing/talkative. Ahhh, the good ole days! Of course then I had other things to stew about in my mind because I was alone all the time.

So if you want or expect something from me it will either happen in the next day or so (depending how high enough up you are on my list) or you will have to wait until late October.  Sorry.  That is just how I roll these days.


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  1. You can’t be a rich and famous artist for Halloween…unless you’re planning on NOT dressing up. You are already a rich and famous artist…we both are…we just need to start thinking that way…then the rest of the world will too.

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