Vicious Cycle

So I am in the process of moving part of my studio home – in order to create a second art studio.  I am excited about the art supply/decorating/furniture shopping part – but the not the cleaning/organizing/sorting/purging part.  Currently, my home office also serves as a guest room/library in addition to being my office (computer/digital photography/scanning/art business stuff).  So I am getting rid of/selling the two twin beds and moving a pine table downstairs to make room for all the canvas and standard studio supplies.  I also have to organize my garage a little bit, in order to bring home a rolling industrial shelf.

Then I need to go thru my studio stuff. I already did a major clean up a year ago – so I have a good bit of the daunting task done already.  I just have the boxes that are mentally labeled “crap I don’t know what to do with, but can’t throw away” to ultimately deal with.  And finally get rid of all the old paintings that have been haunting me for quite some time. I can’t throw them away in the dumpsters downtown because invariably some dumpster diver/vagrant will pilfer around, then go around to every gallery wanting to know “if this is valuable” and I will inevitably have to buy it back from the bum just to avoid further embarrassment (yes this has happened.) Know of any good bonfires?


Defrost my refrigerator.

Patch, paint, and mop.

Then I will be ready to welcome my new guest roommate



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