I cancelled my art show this weekend in Jacksonville because my back.  I have a herniated disc that acts up every once and awhile.  I have to get a series of adjustments to get back on track again. So I was afraid I would not be able to physically move once I loaded up for this show (my studio I on the second floor). It just was not worth it.  I was in pain all week, all day yesterday and could not sleep last night because I was in such pain.  I was actually hoping the impending storm would cancel out the show, but it did not end up being the case. Oh well.

So I ended up selling two paintings yesterday and did not feel too guilty. I then rehung my gallery, cleaned up my studio a little and participated in out First Friday art walk last night.  It was dead, but I was able to relax with a glass (or two) of wine, and got a bunch of work done.

I have three other shows and a commission I need to concentrate on now!  Off to work!


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  1. Pam

    I’m so glad to meet you through Wyanne’s blog. I think many of us have the same type of back trouble. It comes with the work…hunched over for hours and hours and hours on end. Poking our little heads up to greet a customer or change the water for our brushes. I was on the floor of my shop recently, with a customer patting my hand, because my disk blew out. (The hospitals do not help you much when you’ve lost your insurance…not cuz of something, like we flaked on payments… but the Man, the Firefighter Man got a rare Firefighter lung disease and the Man had to have a lung transplant…he now has state ins. but it left me with nothing, but I find always God takes care of me:)
    I never look at getting a wider audience due to a card company liking my work as a “sell out”. It is a blessing. I’m with Legacy Greeting Cards, a very large company and I’m humbled by their interest in my work 🙂 Hope it will get me insurance, cuz as you said, Blue Cross won’t take a piece of art. Just think if they’d have said no to Picasso? Ha!
    So nice to meet you and I enjoyed seeing your work.
    Say Hi to Wy

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