Inspiration August-September

As I have mentioned, people always ask me where I find my inspiration.  Seriously folks, it is not as prolific as you might think.  So here is my recent color inspiration:  I love love love this catalog.  I want everything in it.  I especially want these, but I can’t justify spending $500 at the moment on new dishes just because I feel like it:

However, I have a ratty ole picture cut out from the catalog, tacked up to my easel.  I am drawn to the colors and the serenity these colors evoke.  They are sort of contemporary beachy, zen, modern, airy, cottage-like, ethereal, wistful, yet tranquil, subtle but not pastel (West Coast Florida pastel).  It is reminiscent of sea glass (which I love), with wonderful pops of a darker Payne’s grey-steel, and olive.  Everyone sees and feels things differently.  Someone else might think they are cold, washed-out, and dated.

So here is how I ran with it:

Glass House

Glass House

Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray


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