I don’t know how well known Etsy is with the general public (non artists), but I just wanted to take a few minutes and brag on their website.  It is sort of like Ebay but not really an auction site.  Hard to describe, it just for art, hand crafted items, crafts, art & craft supplies, thrifted and revamped clothing and accessories, etc.  Where else can get cute kids clothes, handmade toys, pet portraits, encaustic paintings, lampwork jewelry, THE most unique and weird items EVER, etc.  I personally like jewelry and accessories that are different, one of a kind, or artist made.  I like things cast or made from bugs, bones, etc.  I don’t really like things that other people have, brand names or mass produced items.  If you are into the finest selection of hand crafted items at a reasonable price, this is the place for you.  You can bid on existing items or bid on a made to order item.  For instance I can give someone my dogs specific measurements and they will hand knit a sweater for her.  I got this necklace as a gift the other day.  It makes me feel happy.

The whole layout of the site is not only user friendly, but very modern looking with lots of artsy appeal.

There is a section called “Alchemy” and where you (the buyer) can ask if anyone wants to make you something – and how much you are willing to pay. Artists will then bid on your request. I once saw a request for a Lynyrd Skynard maternity T-shirt.

Maybe this will be the place to finally try and sell some of my jewelry? The only way I knew about the site is because another artist I liked had a link from her website about a year or so ago – I was hooked after that.

Anyway, I troll for interesting goods on occasion. Because of the recent Hurricaine/Tropical Storm, Fay – I had more time on my hands than usual to piddle around on the computer all day. I know a few people who sell fairly well on this site.  And when one door closes – another one opens……..

Just a thought.




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6 responses to “Etsy

  1. Pat

    Well as a seller on Etsy for the last couple of years I can honestly say that this site is far better than Ebay!!!! Not only is it THE place to find beautifully handcrafted items but it is so friendly too.

    Prices are extremely reasonable and, as was mentioned, if you want something made just for you, all you have to do is go to the Alchemy section or even just approach one of the many talented folk who create the most amazing products who would be more than pleased to help you to create that special something and reserve it just for you!

  2. What a nice seahorse gift you rec’d. As a member and seller on Etsy, I’m a big fan of the place too. I can spend hours just looking at all the beautiful items people have in their shops.

    Very cool of you to *get the word out*.

  3. Hi! You are right! Etsy is WONDERFUL! It is a terrific site for the seller and the buyer as well. I am making wonderful contacts with some pretty terrific buyers and sellers too. I have found this site to be a great way to get the word out about my passion — stained glass!


  4. Etsy is a wonderful worldwide window on handmade art and craft. I’m a seller and a buyer and I always but always check Etsy first whenever I want to find a present, supplies or (naughty naughty) a treat for myself. As a UK felt artist, I do feel that Etsy needs a bit more exposure here, so thanks for the mention – every little helps!

  5. This is a great summary of what Etsy is all about. Hopefully folks will remember to “Buy Handmade” as the holidays approach! One other nice thing about Etsy is that if you see items in a seller’s shop that appeal to you, but you’d like something slightly different, you can simply “convo” (contact) that person and ask about other possibilities. No red tape at all!

  6. Tau

    I think you would do so so so well there. The jewelry competition is pretty stiff, but if you make a niche for yourself there, business is good.

    I don’t know how practical it would be – but I happen to think that small versions (5×7, 8×10, etc..) of your paintings would make a killing! Your work is so fresh and compelling that I know it would grab an audience right away.

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