Work in Progress

Work in Progress (30x40)

It just occurred to me that you/one might want to see what a work in progress looks like.  Well, Here it is.  Of course the photo would be grainy, out of focus, and muted – but I am showing you anyway.  I am at my studio and the photo altering/enhancing/resizing programs I have available to me are limited (I usually do all my photos on my home computer).

Anyway.  Normally I don’t let people see unfinished work – but this such a juicy thing, and I am having fun with it.  And since there is absolutely no traffic/customers today (due to the hurricane/tropical storm) I am getting a lot of work accomplished.  I am working on three the same size at the same time – listening to “The Very Best of Prince.” (Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone)  The idea is to inject the same color palette but all three paintings have a completely feel to them you would think I painted them on complete different days; a different mindset.  I would have shown you the others, but one looks like an ugly stepchild, and the other is way too muted, and subdued – I could not get a decent photo in my studio light.


I am thinking about leaving work early to go purchase a generator.



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4 responses to “Work in Progress

  1. What a beautiful painting! I love the colors. What size is it? Do you imagine it hanging vertically or horizontally?

    I would love to get some insight into the thought process behind this painting. I am drawn to the colors. Do you start with your paint palette, then go from there? Or, did this color palette happen to reflect something on your mind?

    Just found your blog, so glad I did.

  2. Hi Casey!

    I am taking Wyanne’s art play class and just got to see the segment you did with her in your studio. I loved it! Thanks so much for sharing your art and a few of your processes with us! I love your work. I had to check out your website and see more! I found out we have quite a bit in common…I too am a Texas girl, now in the north Dallas area. I studied art at the Univ. of North Texas, but both of my parents went to the Univ. of Alabama. Roll Tide!!! Most of my extended family is in the Mobile area. Anyway, I just wanted to say “Hi” and thought it was kinda neat we had a few things in common! Can’t wait to see more of your work!

  3. Casey Matthews

    Hi Jennifer-
    I am glad you enjoyed the segment. I hope you could understand me. Funny I went to North Texas for 3 weeks – but I broke up with my boyfriend and came home for a semester.
    Thanks for saying “hi” I hope you enjoy the rest of the workshop. Wyanne is a fabulous artist and sweet person. I think she will be a wonderful teacher. She is a good person to learn from. Good luck!

  4. Casey Matthews

    Hi “Things that Inspire”-

    Thanks for your interest in my painting. The painting is a 30×40 and I currently envision it to be hung vertically. But toward the end of the process I like to turn it different all different directions and see if it exudes a different energy. I always leave my work open to interpretation, and enjoy hearing how others view my work, and how they decide to hang the piece. I begin each painting with a wash of different colors. Sometimes it is a colorful theme (using the paint from the end of the day) sometimes it is monochromatic, and earthy or neutral. I like to drip, splatter, and bleed the paint using a water bottle, or alcohol in a spray bottle – I just don’t like to begin with a blank canvas – I then begin to glue down collage and lay down the color. (lately) I scumble a white/light wash glaze over the composition, and incorporate umber glazes in certain areas for depth. I like different textures, collage, spots, peek through. I hope that makes sense. I don’t know what I am doing half the time, to really describe the ever changing process. I find experimentation very challenging otherwise I become complacent. I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere: A paint store, a decorating magazine (Elle Decor is my favorite,) a produce stand, the Fashion section of the Sunday New York Times, the sky, etc.

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