Daily OM

I am on an email list called “Daily OM”. Each day I get what they called “the inspiration of the day,” which is my version of going to church, reading a devotional, meditating, talking with a trusted mentor, and going to the therapist all in one.  Almost always, the universe sends me something from Daily OM that just so happens to coincide with events/troubles/concerns in my life – both personal and professional.  For some reason I need a kick in the butt at times so that I am able give myself permission to be happy, successful, and free myself from toxic people/situations.   However, I seem to become crippled if the “change” is too big. I forget to break it down, and instead I am only able to see the big picture and finished product.

Today’s Daily OM is “Small Steps to a Big Change” – which is exactly how it sounds.  It sort of reminds me of “What About Bob”(one of my favorite movies) – with the “Baby Steps”.

They also have a search of past inspirational articles you might find interesting.


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