Good News

Well my chronic eye twitch went away.  It turns out that it wasn’t a brain tumor after all, but allergies – go figure. I was on Flonaise for just a few days and everything went away.  I had been sick/allergies since April (yellow pollen in Atlanta), then got better for about 3 weeks in June, then got sick/allergies again due to horrible mold in a janky antique store (I will never go in again.)  All that gave me sinus infection, after a sinus infection…..Yuck.  Sinus problems make me lethargic and depressed.

My garden at home has weeds all in it.  I need to tackle that next.

So now that all that gunk is out of the way, I finally got inspired an motivated to work:  I have 3 – 30×40 canvas’ started, as well as 2 – 48×60’s, and 1 – 36×48’s.  And I am working on them all at the same time so I don’t piddle around while there is drying time between coats/layers. There is no room to move in my tiny studio right now.  I am also taking some things home with me tonight so I can work on smaller collage stuff (6×6 canvas, and 4×4 on paper, framed).

Now I just need an assistant to put hanging wire on everything, clean up my studio, wash brushes, vacuum up all my collage remnants, paint the edges of my canvas black, give massages, defrost my fridge then replenish the fridge with diet coke, go get me lunch, etc. Oh, and work for free or praise.  Any takers?


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