Well I came to work today only to discover a bird was in the hallway of the Blue Door Art space.  I don’t know if he flew in with me or had been there all night. I have spent the last three hours trying to get him out – with no avail.  I can’t remember if it is good luck or bad luck for a bird to fly in your house.  Does your workplace count?  Since I have only sold 2 paintings this month – I guess it can’t get much worse.



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3 responses to “Finch

  1. Tau

    The superstition holds that when a bird flies into your house, someone in your family is going to die.

    Be safe!

  2. Casey Matthews

    I have heard conflicting things: It can mean general good luck, or someone is about to give birth – or if an owl (and who ever has an owl fly in their house?) flies in your house it means someone will die or become ill.

    Either way, it is all folklore I suppose.

    BTW the bird got tired and weak and we were able to shoe it down the stairs.

  3. Hi Casey ~ My hubby & I stopped in your studio last week on Wednesday (and saw the bird). It was just about to storm, so we didn’t stay long. I grabbed one of your cards because I loved your work so much. I wish I could afford those two lovely pieces near the door and promise that I will return to contribute to your Vespa fund as soon as I can manage the $$! My hubby bought a scooter a few months ago (you can see it on my blog). I too am an artist and find it hard to get excited by much these days, but I really did like your work and wish that I could create in such an abstract way; my work is more commercial & literal. I license to manufacturers for product like paper plates & napkins, yard flags, etc. In any event, it was nice meeting you, even if just briefly and I hope that our creative paths cross again!

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