My vacation –

"Flow" 10x10 (2008)

I have mentioned it before, but I am getting very excited about my trip to Asheville, NC.   We arrive on Thursday and stay until Monday.  And I am a very good vacation planner.  I have mapped out all the best galleries to see, all the best restaurants to visit, advance tickets to the Biltmore, shopping, places to see live music, etc.  But I don’t over plan.  The main thing is that I have to have reservations at specific dining establishments.  Food is important to me – especially since I love to cook.  I am not going on vacation and eat at Applebee’s due to poor planning.  Eating at a really cool resturant is my opportunity to steal recipe ideas and recreate something in my own small town gourmet kitchen. 

Oh, also, I currently  have reservations at a hotel in downtown – well for $&*#@ & Giggles, I decided to try Priceline – and lo and behold, I secured the same exact hotel for half the price!  No Joke!  So I am cancelling the original one in the morning.  Which is good – because all the money I can save right now helps:  I want to plan trips to NYC and San Antonio in September/October.

Anyway, I am very excited.  I have been having some weird health issues lately, and have the painting blahs (it seems like it takes me twice as long to start/complete anything) – so I really need to get away and find some inspiration.  Did you know that the Asheville area has about 100+ art galleries – and most of them are reallygood (unlike Fernandina and Jacksonville).  I am really looking forward to absorbing in some real creative energy.  Something to jump-start me. Something to help me forget I live in a cultural wasteland.  Oh, and the romantic aspect of the whole vacation is always welcome. It is tough sleeping with a leggy 8-pound dog that radiates heat.  I love her, but I need a break from the dog too!

And KC & The Sunshine Band AND The Village People are playing at the Biltmore on Saturday night.  I wonder if my traveling companion will be up for that? Probably not, but a girl can hope, can’t she? Ha!



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3 responses to “My vacation –

  1. Tau

    Have a terrific time, and take lots of photos!

  2. Casey Matthews

    Thanks – I hope to.

  3. I’m so jealous. I need a vacation. And I would so be at the KC concert!!!! Have fun for both of us.


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