Twitch & Strain

Now I remember why I did not pursue a job in the graphic design area:  Headaches and crossed eyes (eye strain) due to too much computer use.  I enjoy doing freelance design from time to time – but I can be so anal and meticulous when it comes to even the most trivial items, like placement, balance – what most people do not even notice.  And I don’t care for that aspect of my personality.  It is too draining and daunting.  I could not imagine doing this all day every day for a living.  Funny because my paintings are so carefree, spontanious, and loose – messy sometimes. And for the most part, I guess I posess all those qualities.

Anyway, I have been designing a CD, CD cover, and packaging.  I just bought a new laptop that has this this special CD burner thingy with “LightScribe”– which allows you to print directly on the CD itself. Who knew?  Probably everyone. It is awesome!  And when I was at the store purchasing the special LightScribe CD’s I stumbled upon other CD/DVD’s that you can print on in your regular ole printer.

OK back to the part where I just got a new laptop.  I guess I did not realize how old my 2 home (desktop) computers, and laptop at my studio were – because it sure seems as if technology sure has advanced decades since then.  I feel as if the microwave had been invented and everyone knew about it but me.  And I can even watch TV and record shows (like TiVo) on my computer now.  I think I sort of knew that – but never knew anyone that actually did it.  I am still trying to feel my way around Vista though.


So my eye has been twitching for about a month – and I’m sure this whole computer eye strain did not help matters.  So I think I have to breakdown and go to the Doctor (I have some other weird problems as well, that I won’t go into right now.)  I have looked up many things on the web about this problem and none of the “causes” apply to me.  So I fear it might be neurological.  So I better hurry up and write my will (something else I have been putting off) so all my art does not end up in Goodwill.


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