The Art Business End of Things, NEW Website, and Vespa Fund

I have not really had any “inspiration of the day” to post about – mainly because I have felt really uninspired in the creative/painting department lately.  Also, my studio stinks – literally:  The carpets in our hallway/community space were cleaned last week and instead of smelling fresh and clean – the whole place reeks now.  My keen sense of smell has the odor narrowed down a blend of Dirty Laundry/sheets, Watermelon, and Rancid Canola Oil.  And when I come home from work I have that stale stink on me.  I believe there was a Seinfeld episode about this same exact thing. So far, I have tried to Fabreeze, Lysol, and Oust the joint with no avail.  I just bought carpet fresh and will try that tonight, and vacuum in the morning before I open up.

However, I have been selling and shipping a bunch.  And I have more work to package up later this week.  Been cleaning and organizing at home and in the studio – next I need to tackle my home office (yuck).  Been fooling around with gallery display options and lighting.  Been working on portfolio packets to send out to potential new galleries, entering juried art shows, etc.   Lots of computer work: spreadsheet/taxes/graphic design work – basically the art business/marketing end of things.  I have also been working on my new website  which is not quite finished (have about 100+ more images to up load) but enough to go ahead and quietly debut it.  I have also been playing hookie and sneaking in some beach time here and there (shhhh don’t tell anyone)

As much as I love to dick around on Wikipedia, Zappos, Flickr, Perez Hilton, and ebay – I have no idea how anyone can spend all day long on the Internet while they are supposed to be working.  Blogs, MySpace, Facebook, etc.  There are people out there on the computer constantly.  I just can’t waste that much time.  I guess I just don’t manage my time that well to do the things I already need to be doing. My closet has a mound of clothes that need to be hung up and I have too many weeds in my garden that need to be tended to – to figure out how to pimp out my Facebook page. 

Anyway, mosey on over and check out my new web layout if you have not already.

I filled up my car the other day and I don’t even want to tell you how much it was – a really cool pair of shoes is what it was.  I drive a SUV – which I know a ton of people bitch and moan about these days – but I honestly need it for my work – and art transporting purposes.  Plus, I am a single person and I don’t want to have to rely on others (a man) to haul things for me.  However, I am seriously considering a getting a Vespa

My Dream Vespa (Limited Edition)

My Dream Vespa (Limited Edition)

for all my in-town needs.  I have always wanted one – but beginning to realize that I need one.  I am the perfect candidate:  I live on an island, I have a 7 minute (one way) commute to work, and most everything else is within 5 minutes from my house (Grocery, Walmart, etc).  So I need to majorly sell some art to begin my “Vespa Fund”. (I have to “verbalize” such things because I don’t have a very good concept of money)


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