Inspiration July 9, 2008


I have an Anhinga that frequently hangs out on the dead tree behind my house.  Her name is Annie.  We normally see her boyfriend Arnie – but she must have dumped him because I have not seen them together in quite some time.  Anhingas are one of my favoriate birds because they are unique:  They are wonderful divers and swim underwater for fish/food – but they do not have oil glands like most water foul, so they are often seen drying their wings by spreading them out like a big scary winged dragon.  When she sits out in the dead tree (which is already a beautiful & sculptural site on its own) she looks so eerie & egnimatic.  The word “Anhinga” actually means “Devil Bird” or “SerpentBird”.  If you don’t know about Anhingas, you should read more HERE and learn something today.  You can see more cool images HERE

How do Arnie and Annie relate to my creative self and my art, you ask?  Simple:  They make me happy.  Sometimes we will see an Anhinga everyday, then a month or two will pass and we won’t see one at all.  So I think the days she is with us are extra exciting.  And when I am happy that means my mental health is good and I am more productive and creatively inspired when I am a happy girl.


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