Cloud Study & Twang Twang Shock-a-Boom

My studio has been absolutely horrific these past few weeks – and I was getting to the point where I could not find anything, constantly tripping over things, spilling things, etc.  So it was time to clean – or clear a path at least. I have Adult ADD and I never can seem to complete anything – and in the process I went off on a tangent: I rediscovered a really old unfinished painting and began to work on it.  Before I finished it it was just a color field composition of blue, green and newspaper.   I think it was always intended to be a landscape for a show, but with most traditional subjects, I quickly lost interest.  If I do approach a “subject” I like to pair something normal (representational) with pattern or something abstract – something unexpected and seemingly out of place. Or I like to really push the materials and experiment with texture, and incorporate collage, etc. Just to hold my interest.  Hey if you do something everyday (paint) you need to mix it up a little now and again, otherwise monotony sets in.

Here is the finished product:

Cloud Study

Cloud Study 24x24 $580

The funny thing I was listening to an old Texas (Austin) college band, Twang Twang Shock-a-Boom  on my ipod.  I use to listen to them when I was in Highschool – So I guess they played the college circuit in the late 80’s/early 90’s?  Anyway, their tunes are really energetic and funky (hard to describe, but almost ska-like in a few songs) and I was dancing around and very jacked up on coffee & diet coke while working – yet I managed to crank out a very soothing, normal, wistful (in my opinion) cloud study.

Makes you wonder what my work would look like if I was plotting a murder.


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