Red, Website, and Blue

I am in the process of designing a new website.  My old site is perfectly fine for what it is (simple looking and easy to update) – but it is through a company in the UK and my plan only allows me to add 100 images.  I out grew it almost immediately.  And I can’t find any record that they have charged me in the past few years (or ever for that matter) – so instead ofdrawing attention to my account and purchasing more space – I am switching to “Other Peoples Pixels” for my web needs.

So I have been meaning to do this for 8 months or so.  But I can’t seem to sit down long enough in front of the computer to do anything productive.  Well, these past few days I realized I need to upload more than 150 new images alone!  Holy Jesus!  I am currently on image 20 or so.  I have painted ALOT this past year!  And in my opinion they are pretty good, insightful, intelligent pieces  – not flat massed produced pieces of junk churned out just to turn a buck – like I have seen some of my art peers do in the past.  I am glad I can say that I am proud of my work. It may take a little longer, but I will not be ashamed to be studied in history if the situation ever arises long after I am gone.

Anyway.  I have my work cut out for me.  I have not updated my site since February – and I have been using a Flicker site to “communicate” with art dealers, galleries, decorators, clients, etc – to show them my new available work.

I hope to have that finished by Monday.  I am verbalizing that deadline to force myself to comply.


Happy 4th!

I was just digging in my closet and realized I don’t have any red or blue clothing – I actually hate those colors.  I also don’t have any yellow colored clothing.  So, I guess I hate the primary colors.  At one point I owned a  royal blue shirt that I would to wear to Louisiana Tech Football games (which I might have tossed out with the divorce), and 2-3 articles of red clothing I would wear to Alabama Football Games – but nowhere else. I just don’t look good in those colors.  Goodwill has them now.

So I guess it will be a white day!


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