Book Cover

I was asked today if I could have one of my paintings on a book cover.  That is exciting!  I can’t give all the details at the moment until it is about to be published.

Speaking of being published. I am supposed to be working on some obscure animal illustrations for a whimsical collection of poetry – which I have not even begun to think about.  Perhaps, since I am ahead financially and have more free time that I can finally donate the time to this and finally knock out the project.  I would rather do that than clean out the garage – really clean anything for that matter. It took me 45 minutes and a backache to clean all my brushes properly the other day.  I have a low utility sink in my studio and I avoid cleaning much of anything unless I want at trip to the chiropractor afterward.  So I just purchase cheap brushes and leave them in water all the time.

Anyway.  That was a tangent.


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