What made you decide to be an artist?

Because I have an art studio that is open to the public – I am able to meet and talk with people about myself and work more than most artists do who exclusively show their work in a gallery or traditional art environment.  Which at times, has is is ups and downs – but for now, I will just focus on the positive aspect.

Anyway, I always get the question:  What made you decide to become an artist?

At this point I am not sure what else I would be.  And I have never really had a real job – so I am not really sure if I could be hired to do anything else.  I don’t think I could wear hose and work at a real job – I would probably get fired for being on the Internet all day.  Just as well. I cannot imagine NOT creating art.  I have always considered myself an artist and all around creative person since a very young age.  I was always writing little skits/plays/scenarios, writing short stories, writing poetry, drawing, choreographing a dance, sewing, cooking/baking, taking photographs, writing music, etc…… Always making something. And I was a bit shy – so most of the time I was just hamming it up by myself in my room. (Ha! very little has changed…..)

I general, I am a fairly messy and unorganized person.  My office and studio would make you cringe at times.  I have a certain level of structure, that makes complete sense to me – but it is incomprehensible to most.  I call it creative clutter.  I have had some good friends for decades (plus family) that just let me be me.  Perhaps being an artist is my only way of doing something attainable and controllable. No matter what happens – what amount of chaos is going on in my life – I will always have my art. My creativity will always be a constant. In the past, I have had other people/artists use me, steal things from me, and kick me when I was down – but no one can take my imagination and creativity from me.

I am not really sure what voice I have – what I am trying to say with my work – if anything.  I don’t think I can be objective at this point.  I am not really someone who thinks it necessary for you to know my opinion about everything (the world, politics, how I feel, etc) – that is a little too arrogant for me to think that you would give a f*#K what I thought. I am fairly self-contained. I prefer to mind my own business.  I am perfectly happy working that way.  It is my version of therapy.  I can’t possibly let myself be consumed by trivial occurrences, and drama.

My mission in life is to live my life creatively – add color and flair (interest) to everything to do, dress, cook, decorate, create, cultivate, the way I think, the way I react, the way I love.  I think you should go big or don’t go at all.  Life is too short to do things half-assed or like everyone else.  Nobody every got ahead in life by aspiring to be like everyone else – being normal – being safe.  Being “normal” is way overrated anyway.  What is “normal”?  Normal is boring. If you want to be normal that is perfectly fine – I am not judging, honestly.  Just go do that over and do it in your “normal” corner of the universe and eat your frozen TV dinner.

I am constantly striving to be the artist I always wanted to be.  Reinventing and reassessing.  I don’t give a flying crap what is a popular (painting) selling item. It has been done and over done, and I find nothing challenging about the Joe Blow’s work down the street.  While I am sure they can produce work that visually aesthetic, can be possibly appreciated for being technically artistic, and possibly appreciated for using the materials in an interesting way  – That is not the way I roll.  I prefer to use my imagination, and “minds eye” – not my “eye balls” to create.  Some do not understand or appreciate this form of expression – and that is OK – they are not my audience.  Some people don’t get my sense of humor either: So they can go buy your mass-produced piece of art down the street and hang it in your normal home while you stare at your spouse that you have not screwed in years, and then eat your frozen TV dinner while watching “Dancing with the Stars”. (Ha! That was a little harsh – but I cracked myself up)

Some man from Atlanta came in my studio last week and ooood and ahhhed over my work for quite some time.  When he left, he congratulated me for my “talent” and thanked me for “sharing my talent and vision with him.”  I thought that was the oddest thing to say – but I thought that was wonderful.

I am not sure if I answered the question but I am finished for now.  I think I went off on quite a tangent for some reason.  I am going to eat lunch now.


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