About ten years ago I read “Life Paint & Passion” and it change my life.  It allowed me the permission to be free and paint intuitively – and I never looked back.  I have always wanted to attend an actual Process Art Class, and usually the closest class (and the only class in the Southeast) that is offered is in Asheville, NC (which is I think 7 hour drive away) – and sometimes I am strapped and can’t afford to go.  Anyway, they are offering a class again this summer and I have really been blessed ($) these past few months so I am seriously considering attending.  The only problem is that I am planning a trip to Asheville the week before with my Boyfriend.  I wanted to have a little romantic getaway for just the two of us – and wanted to go to their First Friday Art Walk and Studio Tours.  I think they are having an Arts & Crafts Show that weekend as well.  I also have an art acquaintance who has a new gallery/studio there now and I would love to see him.  It has really become quite the art town.  I am really wondering if I could come home for a few days then turn back around and drive back.  Can I afford the gas & hotel?  Is that too frivolous – considering we are in a recession?  Goodness, I really wish I had a friend that lived there. 

I have actually be thinking about moving to Asheville – but they don’t really have a major airport nearby. I also don’t know if I could be land locked.  I am still thinking though. Maybe in a few years?  I am kind of over Fernandina Beach.  I have been toying with the idea of moving my studio home – especially with the economy sucking and all.  But If I do that – I might as well just move all together.  This town is too much of a vacuum for me.  Sure I have an interesting diversion now and again, but deep down I am starving for an intelligent conversation, and interesting people to hang out with.  I am bored with “making my own fun.” It is just too small.  You can’t even go to the liquor store without 10 people seeing you.  (And yes, I saw YOU with a 6 pack of beer in your hand the other day!) Gosh, I have been trying to work that in all week.

I wish I was rich and could have two homes.  Maybe a tiny apartment in NYC as well……better get back to reality and painting so I can afford to still live in my one home……



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2 responses to “Asheville

  1. wyanne

    I did two workshops with Process Arts. A weekend in Asheville, and a week long at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. It was quite an experience that I’ll have to share with you another time. The blog looks great. I enjoyed reading it today and learning more about you. Talk to you soon. Love, Wyanne

  2. Casey Matthews

    Hopefully I can stop by your studio tomorrow (Friday)

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