Inspiration of the Day: June 27th, 2008

The Sweetest Little Princess in the Universe: Stella Bellah

OK so I just wanted to post of photo of my little princess:  Stella. 

So I had to come up with some reasons why she is inspirational and still keep the integrity of the “art blog.”  She is alway happy, loving, and silly.  A bit mischievious at times.  She is also the cutest thing I have ever seen.  She is always pushing me to be my best (so I can create & sell some paintings!) – so I can afford dog food, her Pet Paradise bills, and trips (gas) to the Dog Park in Jacksonville.  Aside from my parents, and boyfriend, she loves me more than anything.  She does not care if I leave dirty clothes on the floor- she actually prefers it.  She likes the way I smell and look.  She thinks I am the best artist, the best cook (especially when things drop on the floor), and the most beautiful girl in the world. She does not care if I am being lazy in the mornings and just want to drink my coffee and watch the Today Show – she wants to be lazy right along with me.   She does not care if I have sinus problems and snore – or even go without makeup all day long.  She will sit on the sofa with me while we secretly watch the worst mindless reality TV Shows (Tivo’d) – without making fun of me.  She sits in the bathroom on her little pillow and keeps me company while I take bubble baths.   She even thinks farts smell good! Now that is true love right there.

No matter how bad my day was – or how mean people were to me – Stella and her positive attitude – her zest for life – is there waiting for me as soon as I get home.

You can see more photos of Stella here HERE.


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