Inspiration for the Day: June 26, 2008

The other Day I was in such a foul mood – I could not seem to accomplish anything, even the simplest task.  I was actually ruing things, and spilling things all over the place.  I was overwhemled by the clutter in my head, my studio, and was sweating because my AC was not working properly.  I could not breathe (sinus problems). I guess my bio-rhythms were waaaay off.  I ended up leaving work an hour early.

Anyway, All was better the next day, and today.  When days like that occur, I try and force myself to find at least one positive aspect about the situation.  So I am coming up with my “Inspiration of the Day” – which might turn into the “Inspiration of the Week” if I get too busy to post, but I’ll try.

If you know me in the least bit, it would not surprise you that I looove color.  If I don’t limit my color palette, every canvas would look like a Rainbow vomited everywhere.  I wear colorful accessories, I have a colorful personality.  I like colorful people, I like colorful meals, I have a colorful garden, I have shoes in every color, I have a colorful house, etc.   I think color is why I am artist in the first place.  Anyway, When I was a kid, if you asked me what my favorite color was I would tell you “Rainbow,” (purple was a close second). 

So I thought I would share some photos of my garden with you……this is how an artist, like myself, branches out when she is not in the studio:


There is something really grounding by playing the the dirt and cultivating very visually stimulating.


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