A busy month and a gator

This month I have sold 28 paintings (so far!) – shipped out 6 boxes of work – gained  a commission – applied to three juried shows – was a featured artist in a local design Magazine (how art relates to, and is a crutial element in design) – worked out my kinks with a local shipping company – went to NYC and saw the Whitney Biennial  (and was disappointed) – and am apparently working at the studio on Sundays now (yuck!).

My Dad is coming for a few days next week and I wanted to take off work when he was here – so I guess it is just as well if I work through this holiday weekend. I also wanted to take off a few days of work in early June – I am taking an in-town vacation  (gas prices are crazy high), having friends from Georgia visit, and my non- Father-in-Law (boyfriend’s Dad) is moving in with us Father’s Day weekend – I am still getting ready for him.  So I will need to be working some late nights just so I don’t get behind.  No rest for the (poor) and weary.

And on a non-related art note (I will try and keep most of my posts only art related) I just saw an 7-8 foot alligator in the Creek in my back yard – just right this second!  I ran out there to investigate and try to get a closer look because my boyfriend was screaming “Casey!……There is a 15 foot alligator in Egan’s Creek!.”  Maximo at the Alligator Farm is an impressive 15 feet so I knew he was fibbing.  And folks if you have never been to St. Augustine’s Alligator farm – you have not lived!


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