Yea! Maybe there is hope for us all…

Collage Painting - SOLD

Normally I am fairly humble and don’t not share my success/sales/excitement with many people – especially other artists. Because even if they are your dear friend, (for the most part) generally, other artists really can’t seem to honestly be happy for you without letting jealousy and resentment creep into the moment – like say your Mother or non-artist friend would.  Unfortunately I learned this the hard way.  By the way my Mother is my biggest cheerleader!  Thanks Mom!

Anyway.  Today I don’t care.  This is my blog and if you did not have any interest in me or my goings-on you would not be reading this in the first place…….

Well it has only been 2 days into May and I have already sold 14 paintings!  Now, granted 9 of them were to one couple (and past client) – but still!  These were not anything to sneeze at either (small).

Plus, once I got home,  I got a hefty check in the mail from a gallery! Yea!

Actually this year has been pretty good so far – I have been blessed. For the past few months, my work environment is completely stress and drama free –  I have really been able to work in peace. It was a good spiritual cleansing.

Time, love, and energy can be wasted on the wrong people, things.   If we notice ourselves being consumed by energy vampires and toxic people – one needs to stop and re-evaluate and re-group.  There is nothing worse than allowing someone or something steal your joy.  Life is just too short.

I can look at my life today and be proud of who I am as a person, a daughter, a friend, and an artist.

Live in the moment!


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