Shallow Pool

This was an article written by Donald Dusinberre of EU Jacksonville reguarding a show I was in – “Flood” at Pedestrian Projects in Jacksonville,  November,11, 2007. He also vents about our apathetic art community.

My my point of view, it was indeed an interesting show, due to very poor planning the opening was held on a night where 3-4 other BIG – HUGE art openings were going on (which I would have rather gone to myself), there was very little publicity, post cards went out late, I think my name was messed up, nobody gave a crap that I even attended, and the Juror was not there, nor did he leave any sort of “statement”.  It was a cool space that had wonderful potential.  But like everything else – it is going bye-bye.  So, I was interested in what everyone else had to say.


Shallow Pool
“Flood” at Pedestrian Projects

by Donald Dusinberre

I messed up, and you are now reading an article about an art exhibition that no longer exists. Oops.
But in a way, we’ve all messed up. I should have reviewed this show long before now. I thought it was going to last longer, and that’s where it begins to be everyone else’s fault. So I’m going to use this opportunity to rally the troops.
We carry a guiltless fault, and it is the power to do nothing. We’ve done nothing to earn the blame, so we shouldn’t feel bad. But our fault will become detrimental if we choose to continue doing nothing.
I implore all artists and lovers of art to seek out places to exhibit work. Make more art to put in those spaces. For all the complaining we’ve done about not being supported by certain large museums, we should have been directing our efforts toward more fruitful gains. Maybe instead of waiting to be invited, we should create places of our own, and pay more attention to the few that we have.
It seems that Pedestrian Projects will, within days, no longer be able to offer us a space to enjoy artwork. I was pretty disappointed to hear the news, but I was also kind of perturbed. Not at the Pedestrian folks, they did what they could. And no, its closing wasn’t our fault. It isn’t because we didn’t visit often enough or do something wrong. Pedestrian Projects will undoubtedly be back, they just need another place to call home.
The problem is that our art community isn’t thinking outside the box. After all, is there a point to viewing art by folks who can’t come up with anything new?
Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few artists in town (many of whom are involved with Pedestrian Projects) who really know how to get creative, but for every one of them is a dozen who float along, unaware of their ability to make Jacksonville’s walls more interesting. I believe that Jacksonville has too few spaces for viewing art. Whether you want to call it a gallery, a space, a museum, or a wall, we need our artwork out there, everywhere. Even bad artwork (which we’re bound to encounter) is better than nothing.
Prints and posters are substitutes for real art, and they always have been. Can’t we remind Jacksonville that they should have the real thing?
Artists, be on the lookout for inexpensive places and ways to exhibit, even if it’s an elevator. The more we take our art to the people, the more they’ll come looking for it. Anybody have a stairwell to hang artwork in? Can’t we ask a few more local restaurants to take down a few Van Gogh posters? Let’s replace the “doctor’s office art” in your doctor’s office with real art!
The more artwork the public sees, the more critical response we’ll get, positive or negative. The scene will naturally improve through natural, consistent, constructive criticism.
Oh, yeah, Flood. As a regional juried art exhibition, Pedestrian Projects ( displayed entries from all over Florida and Georgia. From what little I saw of the remaining pieces, the show included many examples of color photography, which is one of the rarest forms of expression here in Jacksonville. The participants were Ai-lin Chang, Alex Diaz, Jennifer Grey, Steffanie Halley, Jenny Henley, Joyce Hethcox, Christie Holecheck, Casey Mathews, Megan Jacobs, Jeff Rich, and Gabriel Wells.
Keep in mind, Pedestrian Projects will hopefully return soon, so keep an eye out for a place for them too. One that looks nice. And not too expensive.


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