Local Venue: Riverside Art Show

Riverside Art Festival in Jacksonville, Florida

This weekend (September 8th & 9th) I will be exhibiting my artwork at a small local show in Jacksonville: The Riverside Art Festival.  It has taken many years but I have managed to cultivate a small following there – so I usually sell fairly well.

Anyway, if you are racking your brain for something to do, come out and say hello. I might even bring my cute little dog with me.

Here is a map:


The Florida Times called and did an interview with me concerning my art and my involvement with the festival.  I am nervous.  Hopefully it will be a good article, and not make me sound like a boob.  I was completely caught off guard, so my interview was completely ME and off the cuff.  The last article that was solely written about me (Fernandina Beach Newsleader) was so poorly written I was too embarrassed to even keep it.  It was sad. I was so excited about it and when it finally came out – I had people coming up to me asking what parts of the article meant.  Some of it was completely taken out of text.  One of the pitfalls of living in a small town.  The newspaper audience level is geared toward an 8th grade reading level – I am serious.  That is what guest columnists are advised of.

I guess I went off on a tangent there……

Anyway. I will post an online link to the article tomorrow.


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