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I got off to a slow start this year:  I went on an amazing sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands-

However, the day we left to come back home – I started getting sick.  More like an allergy/post nasal drip/sinus infection thing (not the flu) – I think because I smelled mold in our hotel room in St. Thomas.  I was not bedridden by any means, but just did not feel like doing much.  I tried painting a few hours here and there, but I kept spinning my wheels – my work time was completely unproductive.  Then the stuffiness moved into my ears, and I could not hear for two weeks. I had to go to the doctor three times, and was but on a second round of antibiotics, as well as a steroid pack.  And if you know me, you would know I’m already sort of deaf in one ear;  It was actually a bit depressing.  Blah blah blah with the complaining…

But then, I hit the ground running.  In the month of February alone I was able to start many new pieces as well as rap up several I had started before Christmas.  I’m not sure where all the inspiration came from.  I just had about 25 paintings photographed last week, and here are a few of my favorites:

Casey Matthews   "My Own Best Worst"   (36x36)

Casey Matthews “My Own Best Worst” (36×36)


Casey Matthews “Crown of Thorns” (36×36)

Casey Matthews   "Catch You On the Flip Side"   (36x48)

Casey Matthews “Catch You On the Flip Side” (36×48)

Casey Matthews   "Suck High Hopes"   (30x40)

Casey Matthews “Suck High Hopes” (30×40)

See more new work HERE


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Goodbye 2014 – it was bitter sweet

I finished up these large paintings a few weeks ago for a super swanky new high-rise apartment in Atlanta, GA.

Casey Matthews "Assension"

Casey Matthews “Ascension” (60×120)

I love the freedom of painting so large.  However, these took up my whole studio, and I was working on several commissions at the same time, and working many odd/late hours waiting for paint to dry.  I was constantly tripping over stuff in my little factory art studio. (I need a larger studio – and I’m working on that)

Note to self:  Be aware, cautious and patient when shipping items during the month of December.  Everyone is super busy, sick, and understaffed,  – it takes extra time to order the supplies to package/crate the work.  And everyone wants everything “yesterday.”  This year I bought fudge for the UPS store employees as an encouragement to “hurry your asses up” – but it did not work.  I was in there almost every day – dropping off shipments, checking on freight shipments, riding their ass, etc…  This year was so busy for me, I was literally hand delivering art on Christmas Eve, and overnighted art to happy customers left and right.  I’m glad we did not travel this year.


On Christmas Day, I was so tired, I slept in until 9:30 AM and stayed in my pajamas until 4PM. I had a lovely breakfast with my sweetie, then opened gifts, watched some old movies, took a long bath with aromatic bath salts and bubbles, partook in several beauty treatments  throughout the day, actually blew out my hair, etc.  It was so relaxing do just do nothing. Not stress about cooking, or working, or cleaning, etc. Amazing! Then went to dinner at the Ritz Carlton.  And I have not worked/or painted in a week – seriously.  And I’m OK with that.  I was exhausted, and on the verge of burn out.

All week I have been tying up loose ends, crossing items off my to-do list that have been on there all year (i.e. get a Mammogram, have blood work done, IRA stuff, etc), taking down Christmas decor, and I have been packing for a trip – a real vacation – we are island hopping in the British Virgin Islands on a catamaran!! I’m so excited.  I got a call from my Doctors office letting me know that my blood-work came back good – except for a severe vitamin D deficiency.  I think I am the only Floridian that does not get any sun – but if you knew how much it cost to get all my freckles and Melasma (brown splotchy age spots due to hormones, and years decades of birth control)  lasered off my face – you would stay out of the sun too!  So I now have to take these 50,000 mg pills once a week.  I also need to get some sunshine and eat a steak!  I’ll worry about the age spots later, I suppose. So my fat white ass is headed to the Caribbean.


This year has been so amazing for me. I got off to a rough start with my mother dying and all – but from basically from May to December I busted a nut – I created more art and sold more art than I ever have in my career. I set some really great career goals and actually achieved most of them! Go figure!  I’m so thankful for all my fans, customers, and patrons.  I love what I do and couldn’t do it without you.  Thank you to my amazing team who help keep me organized, on task, healthy, and sane.  Thank you to my friends and family who love and support me. I feel so blessed to have such amazing people to love, laugh with and be silly around. Looking forward to 2015 being an exciting new year with a several scary, yet exciting transitions ahead – that will be able to unveil in a few months.

So here are some more goals to aspire to; my New Years resolutions are Texas style (big) this year:
1. Get a larger studio,
2. Paint much larger.
3. Get a larger car to haul larger paintings.
4. Lose a large amount of weight.
5. Live large, take more risks, get out of my comfort zone, confront things head on.
6. Work on Patience and tolerance. Let things go.
7. Get my dog, Lola, to transition from the pee pad to peeing outside more.
8. Learn how to use my digital camera.
9. Be neater.
10. Remember to take all my pills and vitamins.
11. Don’t over-commit, be realistic about time frames, and factor in the fact that I need to sleep. Sleep more.
12. Love more. Don’t take things and people for granted.



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NEW Small Work

Casey Matthews - "Zenith" (14x17) - Mixed Media on Paper

Casey Matthews – “Zenith” (14×17) – Mixed Media on Paper

This November I have been working on many small pieces on both canvas and paper for galleries to offer during the holidays.  The Blue Door Artists will also be hosting a Holiday Market during the Second Saturday Artwalk in December.  It would be safe to assume that December is one of my busiest and best-selling months of the year.  I normally have many commissions that will be gifts, and ship out all over the USA during the month.  People love to buy art for their homes as they are hosting guests and holiday parties, and who am I to complain?  Needless to say, I work my ass off during November and December.

I had/have been working on many small 10×10’s on canvas, however they were not turning out very well.  Or at least, not instantly – I was really having to work at it.  What people don’t realize, that is takes just as much time (or more) and effort to paint a small painting as it does to paint a large one.   So even though I have them all lined up on a few tables in order to work on many at the same time – I’m not really “cranking them out” so to speak (or as I would hope.)  At one point I decided that their was too much painting in that tiny 10×10 space:  They were too busy, and giving me anxiety – So I decided to edit.  Then they were starting to look like ass and there were several frustrating moments where I thought about gessoing over the entire painting(s).  I had about 30 in total but could only get 8 of those to a point of “LOVE” so I could ship to two galleries in time. It is nice to look back on these frustrating moments, where I can remember how I love a good challenge – when my process starts to become too “easy” and “predictable” and I soon become bored.

Then I was able to donate a little more time to these – turned them into some “abstract landscapes,” and now they are my favorites:

Abstract Landscapes by Casey Matthews

Abstract Landscapes by Casey Matthews

Which were inspired (that whole linear landscape feel) by a few new paper paintings I completed earlier in the month:

Casey Matthews - "A Sad Display of Lights" (18x24)

Casey Matthews – “A Sad Display of Lights” (18×24)

Casey Matthews  -  "Resume the Roles of Your Youth" (14x17) - Mixed Media on Paper

Casey Matthews – “Resume the Roles of Your Youth” (14×17) – Mixed Media on Paper

I am complete love with these larger paper pieces.  They are painted on thick Arches Cold Press paper blocks, so I don’t really have to go through the hassle of misting the paper and flattening it for several days after completion (like I have done in the past and will never do again).  I think I need to mix up my media more often and let the intuitive experience dictate new directions, and just have fun experimenting.  I love how they were leading in a new direction – they still have movement, but not  forced.

I also had many smaller pieces on paper (11×14.)  I had started many of these in March when I was living in San Antonio, helping to care for my dying Mother.  After I got home I only had about 1/4 of them completely finished and put up for sale.  They others sat around for months, until recently.  I was able to look at them with fresh eyes and finally complete them.  I had fun rediscovering my watercolor crayons and drawing into them.  All of the paper paintings all have names that have to do with my Mother, or relationship with my Mother, and a portion of proceeds will be donated to The American Cancer Society in Memory of Susan Matthews Connell.  Here are a few that I love:

Casey Matthews  -  "Asscher" (11x14) - Mixed Media on Paper

Casey Matthews – “Asscher” (11×14) – Mixed Media on Paper

Casey Matthews  -  "Over Compliment" (11x14) - Mixed Media on Paper

Casey Matthews – “Over Compliment” (11×14) – Mixed Media on Paper

Casey Matthews  -  "Cascarones" (14x17) - Mixed Media on Paper

Casey Matthews – “Cascarones” (14×17) – Mixed Media on Paper

If you are interested in purchasing anything, check out my website and see where each painting is located (the first 40+ are NEW small paintings) – They are all really fun and pack a lot of painting in such a small space!


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Jules Place in Boston, MA

Exciting news:  I have been selected to exhibit my work with Jules Place – a gallery in Boston, MA.  I have admired this beautiful & unique gallery for years – Julie is a wonderful lady, has a great eye for art and consulting, and is a fabulous business person.  Check out her impressive roster of artists! I am so honored to be among this talented group.


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Artist Spotlight Series: An interview with Casey Matthews

Casey in the Studio

My least favorite thing to do is talk about myself – but here is a great interview I did for Holly Hollingsworth Phillips of The English Room.  Thanks Holly! See more of her inspiring artist series HERE.

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Transcendence of Rationality

I just finished this commission:


Casey Matthews “Transcendence of Rationality” (32×66)

It was a fun size – 32×66.  So I ordered a few more comparable sizes to play around with.  Like 30×60 & 36×72. Hopefully I will be able to get to them in a few months.  I’m pretty much booked up thru January or February 2015 now.  Most artists do not enjoy doing commissions – but I think I have it down to a science now (business wise.)  I also enjoy working with the vision of my client.  They often have an approach or color scheme that I would have never have considered if it were not for them.  It helps me leave my comfort zone and expand and grow in my current work.

I was telling someone the other day that I get inquires on existing work, (from galleries, designers, art consultants, etc) and approached about commissions several times a week.  Probably only 15%- 20% of the people who reach out to me (for a price or quote, project, etc) over a month actually respond or follow through with a deposit or sale.  So I don’t get my hopes up for every little thing that crosses my path.  (I also don’t even entertain the thought of a commission without a deposit because I’m too busy)   However, someone asked me for a price quote today for  a painting 96″x122″ – and I really had to put on my thinking cap on that and financially prepare myself for all the hidden expenses (like this will not fit in my studio or in my house.)  I’m not actually sure where I would even paint something that large, let alone find stretcher bars or canvas that would make a canvas that size.  But it sure would be fun!  I might have to rent a warehouse or something.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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Second Saturday Artwalk : Featured Artist Casey Matthews


Please join the Blue Door Artists during the Second Saturday Artwalk, October 11th, 5-8PM. The featured artist is Casey Matthews, who will be exhibiting brand new work, and celebrating 12 years in her studio. Casey creates rich paintings with multi-media surfaces that are both visually intriguing and full of energy. They incorporate expressive color, movement, and strong elements of design. From a distance, her works impose a singular statement of color, composition and tone; viewed closely, they suggest a complex narrative that is multi-hued and textured. 205 ½ Centre Street, historic Downtown Fernandina Beach. Regular hours Monday – Saturday, 11AM-5PM. For more information call 904-556-1119 or 904-491-7733. or

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