Getting my Groove Back

I’m finally back in the studio and seemed to have settled  back into my groove.  Truth be known, I discovered a new series on Netflix (Scandal) and since I’m pretty much a TV whore – it is just easier to clear my mind with the more stimulation I have going on.  Up until now, I had been painting, but mostly at home the past month, outside, and only when it was sunny (and it has been raining ALOT).  I seemed to have been spinning my wheels a bit. I was not able to work out problems in my work.  Until the is week – this week has been inspiring and productive for me.  Not that many distractions.

My mother and I had a challenging relationship, so I assumed that processing her death would be a little easier, however, I catch myself at times:  “Oh I need to call my Mother, about that exciting news”….(oh wait)  or at Easter thinking “my Mother use to hide eggs for us well into my 20′s, or until I quit coming home for Easter.” And somedays I just get upset out of the blue.  I cried at yoga the other day like a douche bag.  I feel like a woosie. Her memorial, or “Celebration of Life” is this weekend in San Antonio.  I will have to decide what to do with my portion of her ashes as well. Being a grown up sucks balls!

So – Here are a few things I just finished up and shipped out for a 2 day pop-up show in Birmingham, AL  - April 23rd & 24th through Gregg Irby Fine Art.  So if you are in the Birmingham area – stop by and see the goods.  Gregg Irby represents all the best (and affordable) artists in the Southeast!  I will not be there though.  It is not that kind of show.

Image Image



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Spring is here

So I have been back in the studio – sort of.  I have really been working at home (mostly outside) – just a few hours a day for the past two weeks.  I’m slowly getting my groove back.

Here are two paintings I picked up from the photographer today:


Casey Matthews “The 11th Hour” (30×40)


Casey Matthews “Raconteur” (30×40)

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Paintings on Paper

I have been working on some gouache, watercolor pencil, and charcoal paintings on paper. Kind of a new medium for me (and not without a learning curve,) but fairly easy and uncomplicated to work with considering my temporary environment; I’m currently watching my Mother die in San Antonio, Texas. I’m using my intuition, experimenting, and embracing the unpredictability of the paint. The process is indicative of the environment.

Here are some of my favorites so far:





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Casey Matthews - Work in Progress - Paintings on Paper

Casey Matthews – Work in Progress – Paintings on Paper

I’m currently at my Mothers home in Texas. She has cancer and is under 24 hour hospice care at the moment. I went to the art store and bought some paint and paper – and set up a makeshift studio in my room. Lots of wine flowing, mixed with mindless Bravo TV, reflection, and tears. Here is the result so far (in various stages of completion.)  VIDEO: work in progress on paper


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NEW WORK: A Group Show at Stellers Gallery in Fernandina Beach, FL

New Work:

A Group Show with Michelle Armas, Thomas Hagar, Anna Kincade, and ME!

Friday, March 7th 6-9 PM

Stellers Gallery in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Hope you can make it!





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February 21, 2014 · 12:03 am

NEW Small Work!

I finally updated my website, and for those of you that will never have a chance to come visit me in Florida – I now have new work from my studio for purchase!

And I also added a bunch of new small paintings. All paintings range from 4×4 to 12×12 – and all under $400!

Casey Matthews "My Head is Spinning" (10x10)

Casey Matthews “My Head is Spinning” (10×10)

Check it out.

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New Work and Show


Casey Matthews . “Cool Your Jets” . (30×48)


Casey Matthews . “You Threw Me for a Loop” . (30×48)

I just posted some new work on my website – so check it out!  Most of it is heading to Gallery Orange in New Orleans at the moment.  I will also be posting more over the next few weeks – I have been quite the busy little bee this new year, but just slow to photograph.  I’m also finishing up some more new work for a big show at Stellers Gallery in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida in March.  So save the date:  Friday, March 7th!  If you live in the North Florida area – come see me!


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